What is WCS?

The WJP Software Limited Web Communication System is a complete website solution including design, support and a mode, simple website content editor (Content Management System), designed for specialist interest groups. It is currently used for local govement (town and parish councillors), volunteer organisations, and NHS organisations. The system is not just for managing your public facing website, but also can act as an internal website for your organisation, and a resource for sharing documents with members / volunteers.  


Why Choose WCS?

The software has a quality pedigree having been developed and used by WJPS customers for over 10 years. Built from the ground up by our development team, we know the system inside out and can use it as a platform to develop custom code on top of to match your exacting requirements. We already have bespoke add-ons the allow you to manage tasks, minutes and agendas and event entries to a county show, showing the flexibility of this system. Using the system we can easily accomodate a range of budgets in accordance with your requirements.