Base Features


Snippets are like mini webpages and help you write reusable content, such as contact details, testimonials or just complementary information. The snippets sit next to the main page content and can be either static or random each time the page loads, helping give a dynamic look to your website.

Image: - MRS Page (Snippets are on the right)



News is one of the core features of WCS, allowing you to add recent news stories to any page. The news pages work just like normal pages, except they are stored in chronological order and once add the story it can appear automatically on one or more pages across the website. Regular news stories give the site an up to date feel, and will engage users instantly.

Contact Form

Contact forms allow interested parties get in touch with you quickly and safely while not publicising your email address. Depending on the content in the form the data can be sent automatically to different emails within your organisation, and the user will get an automated response to let them know their contact has been received. All contacts are also stored in the management database allowing you to review them through WCS.

User ManagementExtra Features