Recommended Browsers

Below is a list of recommended browsers that we test with to ensure compatibility. 


Browser Notes Links
Microsoft Edge Latest browser from Microsoft. Windows 10 only
Google Chrome Both Desktop & Mobile (Android) verified
Mozilla Firefox Desktop verified
Apple Safari Both Desktop & Mobile (iOS) verified
Vivaldi Desktop verified
Samsung Internet     Verified on Android


Note on Internet Explorer:

We do test for compatibility with Internet Explorer and make sure it is at least functional. However we do not recommend using IE to view websites built on WCS. Internet Explorer is no longer developed by Microsoft as they have shifted their focus towards Edge, this means that many new web technologies are not supported by Internet Explorer which WCS utilises. For the best experience we recommend using any of the browsers in the table above.

We develop the system using Chrome on desktop (macOS & Windows 10), and regularly test for mobile compatibility in Safari on iPhone/iPad & Chrome on Android. The other browsers in the table above are less regularly tested but we do try and make sure they stay compatible by developing to W3C standards.