Tutorial videos

Document Uploads

Document management system allows you store and share documents between members of your organisation, allowing for a central place for storing documents. When a document is uploaded, this can be configured on a per user basis on their preferences but can help to notify your co-workers that a document has been updated or modified.  

Minutes & Agendas

WCS has been specifically created for Parish Councils that allows councils to upload financial data, meetings and agenda documents. It also can make certain documents and pages public or private, which is extremely useful if you don't want certain content available to the public or if you are wanting to share the latest news to the community.

User activation

WCS is a user-friendly system that allows you to control many aspects of your website for example you can insert document folders into your web pages that can be viewed by users. These features are all accessible only to users who have logged into the secure area, from there you can update content, documents, news and more. The secure area will appear in the navigation menu like a standard page when you are logged into the site, allowing you quick and easy access.

Creating a page

Keeping it up to date from WCS itself. Our ethos is if you can create it in a word document then you can create it in a page in WCS. Pages can be created by the site admin, which can be used to display either document or events. There are many different ways to display your documents in WCS, such as document folders and document links.

Most common help topics

  •  Creating a user

  •  Changing your password

  •  Creating a page

  •  Resetting your password

  •  Uploading documents

  •  Creating a calendar

  •  Creating a gallery

  •  Publishing news story